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Diversity in Law School

Access to justice is essential for a democratic society, and diversity in the legal profession increases the likelihood of access for all people. Lawyers have the training and expertise to positively impact the lives of others through representation and advocacy. Law school diversity enables individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and identities to add their perspectives and talents to the greater legal community.

The profession needs lawyers like you, and who share your life experiences. A diverse learning environment that represents communities across social and personal identities — such as racial and ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+ statuses, disabilities, age, geographic regions, socioeconomic status, and nationality — strengthens our justice system and expands legal access.

What Law Schools Are Doing

AALS Law Deans Antiracist Clearinghouse Project

This resource is one of the ways that the law school community is responding to racism in the United States, a scourge that threatens both our democracy and the rule of law. This project provides links to Solidarity and Antiracism statements from over 160 ABA-approved law schools.

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ABA Law School Disability Programs Directory

People with disabilities are part of the rich diversity in law schools and the legal profession. State and federal laws ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to educational and employment opportunities. This directory, compiled by the American Bar Association, provides information on the disability-related programs at law schools throughout the United States.

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LSAC LGBTQ+ Guide to Law Schools

This guide is designed to help law school candidates gauge the LGBTQ+ climates at law schools throughout the United States and Canada. The guide includes information provided by over 120 law schools, in response to a 2021 survey administered by LSAC.

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Resources for Diverse Candidates

LSAC provides resources to encourage candidates with diverse identities and backgrounds to pursue a legal education. Your voice and perspective is needed — in the law school classroom, the legal profession, and the world.

We recognize that an intersection of multiple identities is likely to reside within individual candidates. While the resources below have been grouped to address single aspects of identity and background, we encourage you to explore all the categories that apply to you.

Racially and Ethnically Diverse Candidates

LGBTQ+ Candidates

Candidates with Disabilities

Financial Support and Advice

The cost of law school can be daunting, but resources are available to make higher education affordable.

  • Scholarships: Many organizations offer scholarships for law school and undergraduate education. Explore scholarship opportunities that may be available to you.
  • PLUS Programs: LSAC’s summer Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) programs are designed for prospective law students facing structural or systemic barriers to a legal education. The programs’ focus on the admission process, community building, understanding the financial aid process, and building the skills required to succeed in law school will help you prepare for the next step in your career journey. The PLUS program is free to admitted students.
  • LSAC Fee Waivers: Fee waivers are available to help cover the costs of applying to law school. LSAC’s fee waiver program is designed for prospective law students who are financially under-resourced, with the goal of increasing equity and access to legal education.
  • Paying for Law School: Learn about financial aid options and the steps you’ll need to take to apply for aid.