Get Ready for Law School Unmasked

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SUSANNAH POLLVOGT: Hi everyone. I'm Susannah Pollvogt, the senior director of legal education solutions at the Law School Admission Council. Prior to joining LSAC, I was a law professor and associate dean for student success, and my job was to help students like you perform their best academically while in law school.

I’m here to talk to you about our exciting new law school prep program called Law School Unmasked. It runs from June 7 through June 23, and it’s basically your roadmap for law school.

You will hear me say this over and over again, but law school is different than undergrad. The volume and type of reading are different. The way you participate in class is different. And the way you will be assessed on exams is also different. And a lot of times, these differences can catch first-year students off-guard.

Students may not realize that they need different academic skills for law school, until the first semester is over, and their grades aren’t quite what they hope they would be. The goal of Law School Unmasked is to help you understand that law school is different before you begin law school. And to give you the tools and techniques to do your very best.

Registration will open in early May, and we will provide you with more information then. Law school is challenging, but with support and guidance you can find your way, and we’re here to help you.

Law School Unmasked is now available on demand with a Law School Success subscription.