Fee Waivers for the LSAT & Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

Our fee waiver program is available for law school candidates who cannot afford to pay for the LSAT and the Credential Assembly Service. This program is part of our mission to reduce barriers for determined law school applicants.

Are you eligible?

The basic criterion for receiving a waiver is the absolute inability to pay for the LSAT and Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Only those with extreme need should apply. 

You must:

  • Be a U.S., Canadian, or Australian citizen; or
  • Be a U.S. national; or
  • Be a permanent resident alien of the United States with an Alien Registration Receipt Card (I–151 or I–551); or
  • Have been granted deferred action under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); or
  • Have applied for deferred action under DACA; or
  • Be a permanent resident of Canada; or
  • Be a Protected Person/Convention Refugee in Canada

You will need to fill out a fee waiver application and provide supporting tax forms and other documentation, as requested by LSAC.

Each approved LSAC fee waiver will waive the following fees:

  • Two LSATs (test dates must fall within the two-year fee waiver period), including LSAT Writing™
  • One CAS registration, which includes the Letter of Recommendation Service and access to electronic applications for all LSAC-member law schools
  • Six CAS Law School Reports (available only after final approval of an LSAC fee waiver)
  • One-year subscription to LSAC’s Official LSAT Prep Plus℠, which provides access to more than 60 practice tests in the authentic Digital LSAT test environment
  • Score Preview for first-time test takers who wish to see their score before deciding whether or not to keep it as part of their LSAC transcript and report it to schools 
  • NOTE: Free Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep is available at khanacademy.org/LSAT

No other LSAC fees will be waived. Fees previously paid cannot be waived retroactively and no refunds will be issued.

Some law schools will waive their application fees for LSAC fee waiver recipients. But we do not factor in the need for an application fee waiver when we review your fee waiver application.

Students who have had an LSAC finding of misconduct or irregularity are not eligible for an LSAC fee waiver.

How to apply

Submit your completed application to LSAC four to six weeks prior to the registration deadline for the LSAT administration you wish to take.


United States

Apply for a fee waiver through your LSAC.org account.

Please send all documentation supporting your fee waiver application to LSAC no later than 45 days after submitting your application online. This documentation should include:

  • All tax documents supporting your fee waiver application
  • The Verification of Nonfiling Form (PDF)—if you were not required to file a federal tax return
  • DACA documentation—if you were granted (or applied for) deferred action under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

If we do not receive the required supporting documentation within 45 days, the application will be canceled. (However, in most cases, your application can be reinstated after all required documentation is received.)


Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and Protected Persons/Convention Refugees in Canada who need a fee waiver for LSAC services may apply through the LSAC Canadian Fee Waiver process. To request a fee waiver, download the Canadian Fee Waiver Form and Instructions (PDF) and send your completed application to LSAC by email to CanadianFeeWaiver@LSAC.org or by mail to LSAC, Attn: Fee Waivers , 662 Penn Street, Box 2000, Newtown, PA 18940.

All tax documentation supporting the fee waiver application (Notice of Assessment for applicant, and for the spouse or parents of applicant, if applicable) should accompany the fee waiver application. The application cannot be processed until this supporting documentation is received.

This is important. Please Note: As of August 1, 2020, Canadian LSAC Fee Waiver Forms and all supporting documentation must be submitted directly to LSAC. Individual Canadian law schools will no longer process LSAC fee waiver applications.

The Approval Process

Your LSAC file will be on hold until final approval of your fee waiver. A hold will not prevent you from taking the LSAT; however, we will not send you your LSAT score or send law school reports to schools until our review of your tax forms confirms the data you supplied in your fee waiver application.

When we approve your fee waiver, we will remove the hold from your LSAC file. If, however, a review of your documentation determines that you are ineligible for a fee waiver, the hold will remain, and we will bill you for the services for which you registered.

If your fee waiver application is denied, you may appeal the decision; appeal decisions are final.

LSAC usually processes tax documentation within one to two weeks from when we receive it. It may take up to three weeks to process and review documentation for an appeal. We will notify you by email about all fee waiver decisions.

Fee waivers will be good for two years from the date of conditional approval of the waiver by LSAC.

Completing a fee waiver application acknowledges your acceptance of these terms.

Fee Waiver FAQs

Why does LSAC offer fee waivers?

LSAC has established a fee waiver program to ensure that no one is denied access to legal education due to an inability to pay for the LSAT and other essential application services.

What is the process I must follow if applying for a fee waiver?

A candidate must demonstrate financial need and meet specific requirements to be eligible for a fee waiver. Candidates interested in gauging their eligibility for a fee waiver should review the Eligibility section, above.

What is offered to candidates granted a fee waiver?

A candidate who is granted a fee waiver will get the LSAT (multiple-choice portion and LSAT Writing), CAS, and six law school reports, plus a second opportunity to take the LSAT as needed. They will also receive a one-year subscription to LSAC’s Official LSAT Prep Plus, which provides access to more than 60 practice tests in the authentic Digital LSAT test environment. First-time test takers will also receive Score Preview free of charge.

What if my fee waiver application is denied?

LSAC wants to make sure all relevant evidence of need is considered in granting fee waivers. If your fee waiver application is denied, you can appeal that decision. However, all appeal decisions are final.