How to Prepare for the Digital LSAT

A large part of preparing to take the LSAT (and most standardized tests) is familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of the test: 

  • What does it look like?
  • What is being asked of you?
  • How do you physically provide answers to the test questions? 

We highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with the test that you will take in preparation for your admission to law school.

And now that LSAC is about to launch a Digital LSAT, it’s important that all test takers get a clear sense of what this new test experience will be like. 

That’s why we’ve created a Digital LSAT tutorial—to get you acquainted with the Digital LSAT.

LSAC’s new Digital LSAT tutorial videos will help you get a clear sense of what the experience of taking the Digital LSAT will be like. These tutorials are not practice tests in the usual sense: you can’t score them, and they won’t help you figure out where you need more study. (Our other Prep Tools can help you with that!) But they will show you how to highlight passages, how to undo an answer, how to enlarge the font, and more.  

This is important: To emulate the Digital LSAT testing experience, use a touch screen tablet to reference the Practice and Try Out sections. The functionality of a PC cannot mirror or replicate the testing experience of using a touch screen tablet. The videos are another method for getting acquainted with the Digital LSAT.

These videos are simply—and crucially—a methodical way for you to actually see and experience, in advance, what the test will actually look like when your Digital LSAT shows up on the screen.

Be smart and be prepared!

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