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Official test prep products can help you set yourself up to earn your best possible score.

LSAT Prep Books & eBooks

LSAC sets the standard for LSAT prep. That’s why our test writers offer both official LSAT preparation books in print and Official LSAT Prep® products for use on the computer.

LSAT PrepTest books and eBooks are available from your favorite bookseller.

Please note that upon reasonable request, select publications of preparation books currently published on LSAC’s website may be made available in accessible print formats such as large print, embossed Unified English Braille (UEB), or electronic UEB files (BRF format). Individuals seeking such formats of official LSAT preparation books should contact LSAC directly at or 1.855.384.2253. Please be prepared to provide LSAC with proof of purchase of the preparation book from your bookseller (e.g., a scanned copy of your receipt). Individuals who require accessible electronic preparation materials that are compatible with screen-reading software and magnification programs are encouraged to explore the Official LSAT Prep products.

The New Official LSAT TriplePrep Volume 2™

The New Official LSAT TriplePrep Volume 2™

The New Official LSAT TriplePrep Volume 2™ is an essential LSAT preparation tool brought to you at an unbelievable price! Comprising PrepTests 155 through 157, this book includes:

  • 3 official LSAT PrepTests
  • an answer key for each test
  • a score-conversion table for each test
  • LSAT answer sheets

LSAT PrepTest books are available from your favorite bookseller.

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