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Disclosed and Nondisclosed LSATs

LSAC has disclosed more than 75 test forms, which are available from a wide range of sources and in a wide range of formats. Disclosed test forms are never administered again.

The equivalent of more than 20 disclosed tests are available through LSAC’s free Official LSAT Test Prep® through Khan Academy. Disclosed tests are also available through LSAC’s LawHub, with four disclosed tests available through our free LSAT Prep offering and more than 75 disclosed tests available via the $115 per year LawHub Prep Plus subscription. In addition, many of LSAC’s disclosed tests are also available through our published materials.

LSAC is committed to openness and transparency while balancing the need for test security. Toward this end, LSAC will be disclosing a new test form and its answer key every testing cycle.