How to Prepare for the Digital LSAT

A large part of preparing to take the LSAT (and most standardized tests) is familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of the test: 

  • What does it look like?
  • What is being asked of you?
  • How do you physically provide answers to the test questions? 

We highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with the test that you will take in preparation for your admission to law school.

Digital LSAT Tutorials and Official LSAT Test Prep from LSAC

Because it’s important that all test takers get a clear sense of what the digital test experience will be like, LSAC offers Digital LSAT tutorials and practice tests to get you ready for the Digital LSAT. 

The tutorial videos will help you to get a sense of what it will be like to take the Digital LSAT and provide a quick run-through of the features of the Digital LSAT.

In addition to our Digital LSAT tutorials, we also offer practice tests that give you a chance to immerse yourself in a simulation of taking the Digital LSAT. You'll be able to do everything you can do on the Digital LSAT — ruling out answers, highlighting passages, setting screen preferences, and more. Practicing with these tests will help you build the skills and confidence to do your best work on test day.

Check out our LSAT prep resources including:

  • Official LSAT Prep℠ – FREE familiarization tool including two full practice tests in the authentic Digital LSAT test environment. 
  • Official LSAT Prep Plus℠ – includes more than 60 full practice tests in the authentic Digital LSAT test environment, plus additional resources and reference guides. $99 for a one-year subscription. 
  • Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep – create a personalized practice plan with authentic practice questions equivalent to more than 20 full tests. 100% free!

You can access the Digital LSAT tutorial videos and Official LSAT Test Prep products on a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet, so long as it's internet-connected. To better emulate the experience of taking the Digital LSAT, you may wish to take the practice tests on a tablet if you have access to one. Taking the practice test on a non-touchscreen device using a mouse or trackpad will help you to get comfortable with the Digital LSAT, but you should be aware that the features on the actual Digital LSAT, including scrolling, are engaged through a touchscreen.

Get Started with Official LSAT Test Prep Products & Tutorials