Disclosed & Nondisclosed LSATs

LSAC discloses a number of test forms each year. After they are disclosed to test takers, those tests are never administered again.

Test forms are disclosed after being used as the primary test form for a test administration that has been designated for form disclosure. Test takers who do not receive the primary test form will not have their tests disclosed to them after the administration. So even if the test administration has been designated for form disclosure, certain test takers will not have their tests disclosed to them, including:

  • Test takers who take a makeup LSAT after the main test administration.
  • Sabbath observers who request an alternative test date.
  • Any repeating test takers who received the primary test form in a previous test administration. (These test takers would receive a different test form in the current test administration.)

(Note that this policy applies equally to accommodated and nonaccommodated test takers.)

Nondisclosed Tests

If you take a nondisclosed test form, you can access the following information through your LSAC.org account when your score is released:

(Score release dates are listed for each recent and upcoming test administration.)

Disclosed Tests

If you take a test form that is designated to be disclosed, you will get access to:

  • Your LSAT score
  • Your score band
  • Your percentile rank
  • A copy of your answer sheet
  • A score-conversion table
  • A copy of the scored sections that contributed to your score (available online for six months following the test date)