LSAC Grant Programs

LSAC Outreach Grants

Up to $10,000
Contact: Vivian Bowden,

LSAC's Board of Trustees has made available funds to support cooperative outreach and applicant-pool expansion events. These grants are designed to encourage law schools to work together to promote legal education. At least three LSAC-member schools must work together on each event. Examples of eligible events include law fairs, conferences, workshops, or other events that are a combination of these types.

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Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Programs

Contact: Fé LopezGaetke,

LSAC’s PLUS Program is designed to increase the number of lawyers from underrepresented groups by introducing first- and second-year college students to the skills important for success in law school. The program is funded by LSAC’s Diversity Initiatives Fund, and all LSAC member law schools are eligible to submit proposals.

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LSAC Diversity Matters Grants

Up to $3,000
Contact: Patricia Shaul,

Law schools are encouraged to host events that motivate students who are underrepresented in the legal profession — including racial and ethnic groups, the LGBTQ community, individuals with disabilities, and Indigenous Canadians — to consider law as a career. This initiative is designed to expand the pipeline to include students in community college, early college, high school, and middle school by introducing these populations to the legal profession, the law school admission process, and to skills tested on both the LSAT and in the law school classroom.

Law schools that use this grant most effectively will then be eligible for the annual Diversity Matters Award. Their programs will be promoted in national media and serve as models for other law schools.

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