Equity Accelerator

LSAC is collaborating with the Equity Accelerator to help students better prepare for and improve their performance on the LSAT. This innovative program is open to all students, with a special focus on increasing access to legal education for members of underserved communities. This project is in its beginning stages but is being designed to provide LSAT test takers with socially and psychologically attuned messages, exercises, proven-strategies, tools, and curated content to help them feel safe and more confident to do well on the exam.

This guided journey will draw upon proven methodologies and strategies that have been shown to enhance equity and lift the trajectories of marginalized people within institutional environments. The same methodology was used previously to help improve performance by minoritized candidates in the California Bar Exam.

The program, which is being designed by the Equity Accelerator, will be free to students and is expected to launch in the coming months. More information about the Equity Accelerator is available on their website opens in new window.