Law and Legal Education and the Challenges of 2020: A Conversation with Dean Jenny Martinez of Stanford Law School

August 26, 2020

Free Webinar Open to the Public on August 31

2020: A global pandemic, the steepest economic collapse since the Great Depression, a tide of protest against racial injustice, a contentious presidential election, a tectonic shift to remote work and education, and more. What is the role of law and legal education at this complex time in our world? Is this a good time to go to law school? Does the legal profession have a special role to play amid these challenges?

Aspiring and current law students, legal educators, lawyers, and the public are invited to join us for the second anniversary edition of Live with Kellye & Ken on Monday, August 31, at 4:00 p.m. ET as we explore these and related topics with Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez, a leading expert on international and constitutional law, who is also a formidable litigator as well as the author of The Slave Trade and the Origins of International Human Rights Law and numerous influential articles.

Kellye Testy, president and CEO of LSAC, will conduct an in-depth interview with Dean Martinez, the Richard E. Lang Professor of Law at Stanford, and Ken Randall, the president and founder of iLaw, will facilitate the discussion. Both Testy and Randall also served as law school deans for many years.

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