Lily Knezevich

Lily Knezevich

Senior Vice President for Learning and Assessment, LSAC

Lily Knezevich is the senior vice president for learning and assessment at the Law School Admission Council. She earned her BA from New York University, majoring in mathematics and philosophy, and her MA in philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh. While completing her doctoral dissertation at the University of Pittsburgh, she accepted a position as assistant professor of philosophy at the College of William & Mary, concentrating in logic and the philosophy of language. She subsequently worked in test development at the Educational Testing Service, where she was the test development coordinator for the Graduate Record Examination.

How the Digital LSAT Will Shape the LSAT of the Future

As the creators of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Law School Admission Council measurement scientists and test developers are responsible for continually researching the performance of the test to ensure that the LSAT is the most effective, fair, and valid assessment of candidates’ potential for success in law school.

Can we diversify the law school pipeline? Yes, we “Khan.”

Last June, the Law School Admission Council and Khan Academy unveiled an ambitious—maybe even audacious—joint venture to offer free online LSAT prep to prospective law school students. The goal was simple, but profound. We wanted to expand and diversify the pool of people who were considering a career in law and advocacy by making it easier and more affordable for people to prepare for the Law School Admission Test...