Troy Lowry Headshot

Troy Lowry

Senior Vice President of Technology Products, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Information Security Officer

Troy Lowry is senior vice president of technology products, chief information officer, and chief information security officer at the Law School Admission Council. He earned his BA from Northeastern University and his MBA from New York University. Prior to working at LSAC, Lowry was vice president of technology and cofounder of Polaris Systems, which provides custom software solutions for large financial companies. During his tenure at LSAC, he has been instrumental in the creation of the Digital LSAT, electronic applications, the law school admission software ACES and ACES², online services, the Letter of Recommendation Service, and many other services.

Many people worry that AI will take their jobs, but the truth is more nuanced. While AI will likely change the law school admissions process, it will be a tool for admissions officers to utilize, not a replacement for human decision making.