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What is a Law School Forum?

LSAC Law School Forums are recruitment events that let you research law schools on a more personal level. At a forum, you can speak face-to-face with admission representatives from over 170 ABA-approved law schools, gain insights about navigating the application process, and ask questions to help you take your next steps.

These events are FREE.

What is a Law School Fair?

Law school fairs provide opportunities to meet admission representatives, get more information about law school, and ask questions that will help you determine your best-fit school (PDF).

These fairs are usually held at or near the host law school.

Find a Law School Fair

What should I ask when I attend an event?

  • What do students like most about your school? Least?
  • What percentage of graduating students find full-time, long-term employment where a JD/bar passage is either required or preferred?
  • What kinds of jobs do your graduates take after law school?
  • What are the bar passage rates in the states in which most of your graduates take the bar exam?
  • What type of academic support does your institution provide to students? Is the program open to all students or only to students who are in academic jeopardy?
  • What clinical opportunities are offered at your school?

More Question to Ask (PDF)