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Florida International University College of Law is a place of excellence that treats its students like individuals. With a yearly entering class of approximately 150 students and the most competitive acceptance rate of all Florida law schools, FIU Law emphasizes quality over quantity ​so that we can concentrate on bringing out the best in our students.

FIU Law students aren’t afraid to work hard. Whether it’s in the classroom, at a competition, or while working in the profession, their reputation for being fearlessly industrious is well known. FIU Law boasts a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio and a broad array of clinical and other experiential programs, allowing its students to prepare for the practice of law in an intimate, dynamic, and supportive environment.  ​Number #1 in Florida, our bar preparation programs are nationally recognized. 

Located in Miami, Florida, FIU Law offers its students the opportunity to learn, work, and live in the largest legal market in Florida and one of the nation’s largest hubs of global commerce and industry. Students work with legal professionals in many of the nation’s largest law firms and governmental entities, gaining valuable experience and allowing them to enter the profession practice-ready. The diverse character of the city is reflected in the College’s student body and faculty—both groups are consistently recognized as among the most diverse in the nation. As the only state-supported law school in South Florida, FIU Law students also enjoy an improved postgraduation quality of life relative to many of their peers.

FIU Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is fully accredited by the American Bar Association.



FIU Law’s academic program offers students a legal education that is designed to prepare them to become successful, professional, and practice-ready attorneys. The curriculum addresses the growing trend towards globalization by incorporating international law concepts into the foundation courses. FIU Law supplements the curriculum by requiring first-year students to take Introduction to International and Comparative Law, in addition to the traditional doctrinal courses. FIU Law also offers an international summer program in Seville, Spain, and student-exchange programs in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Italy, Columbia, Argentina, and several other countries.

Readying students for the legal profession is an important aspect of the College of Law’s curriculum. In the three-semester Legal Skills and Values program, students learn effective lawyering skills through a series of courses that focus on legal analysis, research, writing, oral communication, and professionalism. By simulating legal issues from inception to resolution, students learn how to locate, read, understand, and apply their research and communication skills.

FIU also offers a broad range of high-quality joint-degree programs for law students interested in interdisciplinary study, including

  • JD/Master of Business Administration
  • JD/Master of International Business
  • JD/Master of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • JD/Master of Public Administration
  • JD/Master of Science in Psychology
  • JD/Master of Social Work
  • JD/Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • JD/Master of Science in Environmental Sciences
  • JD/Master in Construction Management

FIU Law also offers students the opportunity to obtain a certificate in Intellectual Property Law and a Juris Master (JM) degree specifically designed for nonlawyers.



FIU Law’s scholarly and respected faculty come from all corners of the world and from the nation’s most prestigious legal institutions. The faculty includes specialists in various legal fields, such as international law, immigration, employment law, entertainment law, intellectual property, civil rights, human rights, and many others. They are authors of law casebooks, have published in journals throughout the nation, and serve as speakers in prominent conferences throughout the world. Their experience is effectively passed down to students through personal attention and one-on-one guidance. FIU Law’s low student-to-faculty ratio creates an optimal and interactive learning environment. The faculty wholeheartedly supports its students and is committed to helping them achieve their individual goals.



FIU Law Library supports the research, scholarly, and curricular needs of FIU Law students and faculty, and the South Florida legal community as a public Federal Depository law library. Our patrons have access to primary and secondary legal sources in a variety of formats, including practice-ready technology tools used to prepare students for 21st-century legal practice.

FIU Law Library hosts a digital repository of scholarship produced by FIU Law faculty and students, as well as digitized historical legal materials focused on preserving authority from the Caribbean and Cuba.

FIU Law Librarian faculty are skilled former practitioners who provide our patrons with one-on-one, group, and virtual reference, research, and instructional support services, including practice-ready technology training and advanced research workshops, courses and certifications.

FIU Law Library is staffed by professionals with extensive experience in data and resource management, providing our patrons seamless access to myriad print and online resources. Our services are available online 24/7/365 via virtual reference, subject and service guides.



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Clinics, Externships, and Other Programs

FIU Law’s Clinical Program gives students the opportunity to receive valuable hands-on experience with real clients who are experiencing real legal issues. With three clinics and projects representing various areas of practice, students can gain experience in a wide array of areas.

The clinics include:

  • Carlos A. Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic
  • Small Business Clinic
  • Community Lawyering Clinic

The legal projects include:

  • Immigrant Children’s Justice Project
  • Medical Legal Project
  • FIU Embrace Law Project
  • Death Penalty Project
  • Juvenile Resentencing Project

The clinical program allows students to work as lawyers and represent clients under the supervision of licensed attorneys. Certified Legal Interns may further develop their skills by representing clients in court.

FIU Law also offers civil, criminal, and judicial externships to further prepare students for the profession. Externships allow students to gain practical experience and develop relationships with potential employers. In the Criminal Externship program, externs work alongside prosecutors and public defenders, learning about the criminal justice system from the inside out. In the Civil Externship program, students work with government agencies and public interest entities. With more than 250 judges in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, students also have ample opportunities to participate in day-to-day court operations through the Judicial Externship program, where students prepare memorandums and observe courtroom procedures. Additionally, students may extern with the Third District Court of Appeal, which is conveniently located near the FIU campus.

FIU Law offers varied and robust experiential learning programs and academic activities that help students round out their educational experience. These include the FIU Law Review, Moot Court, Negotiation Team, Appellate Advocacy, and Trial Team. Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge while working alongside their peers and with law schools around the nation. These organizations have had outstanding success, winning local, national, and international competitions.

Student Life

Student Life

Students bring a wealth of diverse personal, educational, and professional experiences to FIU Law. However, they all share a common interest and goal: service to the law school, the local community, and the profession. Together with the support of the faculty and the administration,

FIU Law students have created a number of organizations and co-curricular activities reflective of this commitment. FIU Law has more than thirty student organizations that explore a wide array of interests and areas of practice, from animal rights to sports law. The organizations offer informative panel discussions with world-renowned speakers, social events, and mentorship programs, among other activities.

FIU Law students also enjoy the rich student life at the thriving FIU campus, which serves one of the top-ten-largest student populations in the country. FIU offers access to world-class cultural and educational programming, live theater, and award-winning art museums. FIU is also home to numerous NCAA athletic teams, including a Division-I football team with a stadium just steps from FIU Law. FIU Law students also have easy access to dozens of on-campus dining locations and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Career Placement and Bar Passage

The Abraham S. Ovadia Career Planning and Placement Office (Ovadia CP&P) provides a multitude of expert services and professional resources to help students and alumni find legal employment. FIU Law is committed to effectively connecting its students to the legal community, increasing its outreach efforts to new and existing employers, and providing programming that will help students launch successful legal careers. Throughout the years, the Ovadia CP&P has cultivated fruitful relationships with leading law firms, public employers, federal agencies, and courts throughout Florida and across the nation. The Ovadia CP&P Office offers the services of staff attorneys with practical legal experience who provide students with comprehensive, personalized career counseling.

Ovadia CP&P services include:

  • personalized career counseling
  • resume and cover-letter review
  • skills workshops
  • panel discussions on career choices in the private, public, government, and alternative sectors
  • professional development programs
  • career resource library
  • FIU Law Job Bank
  • on-campus interviews/programs

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Tuition and Aid

Expense Cost

Financial aid is available in the form of merit-based scholarships, federal or private loans, and institutional need-based grants. We encourage all applicants to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as this application determines eligibility for federal and need-based awards. Eligibility for merit-based scholarship awarding is automatically determined at the time that the admission decision is rendered and is presented within the admission offer letter. Financial aid award packages are prepared annually, subject to FAFSA application renewal and review of student academic progress.

Our tuition rate is comparable to other Florida state-supported law schools at $690 per credit hour for Florida residents, and $1,150 per credit hour for non-Florida residents. FIU Law provides estimated budgets for cost of attendance beyond tuition in order to assist in planning your budget for the school year. These estimates range from $14,240 to $26,000 upward, depending on your desired living arrangements, and will also account for personal expenses and transportation during the academic year.

For more information on financial aid, students should visit FIU Law Financial Aid or call 305.348.8006.

Admission Decisions: Beyond the Numbers

Information for Prospective Students

FIU Law offers a full-time day and part-time evening program. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. An LSAC Credential Assembly Service Law School Report, one letter of recommendation, and a personal statement are required.

While a prospective student’s academic record and LSAT performance are weighted heavily in the evaluative process, the Admissions Committee considers other factors, including leadership ability; commitment to public service; command of global issues; work history; military service; evidence of obstacles that an applicant may have overcome (for example, English is not the applicant’s native language, discrimination, economic or family hardship, severe medical condition, etc.); and any history of criminality or academic misconduct. The Admissions Committee encourages each applicant to answer all questions with candor and detail, and, where appropriate, give specific examples of relevant background experiences. Transfer students from other ABA-approved law schools may apply if they are in good standing at their current institutions.

Prospective students should visit our website or call 305.348.8006 for additional information.

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Admitted Applicant Profile

25-75% UGPA Range at Florida International:

3.49 to 3.87

25-75% LSAT Score Range at Florida International:

158 to 162

25-75% UGPA Range at Florida International:

3.49 to 3.87

25-75% LSAT Score Range at Florida International:

158 to 162

25-75% UGPA Range at Florida International:

3.49 to 3.87

25-75% LSAT Score Range at Florida International:

158 to 162

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