Summer Prelaw Programs

There are a number of programs available for students from underrepresented groups to explore and pursue their interest in law. Participating in one of these programs can help you build the skills you need to succeed in law school and in your future career, learn more about the law school application process, and develop a supportive network as you take the next step in your journey. Whether you’re a first-year undergraduate or you’re preparing to enter law school, find the right opportunity for you.

  • Catalyst by SEO Law — Provides free resources to underrepresented students applying to law school, including a four-month Spring LSAT Program, a five-month Summer/Fall Admissions Consulting Program (including workshops and customized review and guidance in the preparation of application materials), discussions with law school admission officers, and attorney mentorship. There is no cost to apply or participate in the program. The program is entirely virtual; students may participate no matter where they are located. 
  • CLEO ASAP – Achieving Success in the Application Process — A two-day summer seminar designed to help prospective law school applicants understand the importance of factors in the admission process that are often overlooked or undervalued. 
  • CLEO Pre-Law Summer Institute and CLEO EDGE Pre-Law Summer Institute Scholarship — A multiweek online and residential program designed to prepare graduating seniors — or graduates who plan to attend law school in the fall — to be more competitive law school students. Those who successfully complete the program become CLEO or CLIC Fellows. The $2,500 cost includes room, board, and instructional materials. Applicants to CLEO’s Pre-Law Summer Institute may apply for the $2,500 Pre-Law Summer Institute Scholarship to cover these costs.
  • LSAC Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Programs — Four-week programs targeted, but not restricted, to college students from racial and ethnic minority groups that have been underrepresented in the legal profession. The programs are designed for students in the first two years of college and there is no cost to attend. Participants receive a $1,000 stipend and will focus on the skills required to succeed in law school, the law school admission process, and a legal career.
  • SEO Law Fellowship Program — Provides a paid 10-week summer experience to underrepresented students the summer before law school, including a 2-week academic and career development training program followed by an 8-week internship at a corporate law firm to help Fellows excel in law school and jumpstart their legal careers. Fellows are placed at firms located in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Washington, D.C., and Wilmington (DE). Once in law school, Fellows receive complementary tutoring sessions during their first year of law school and ongoing career and mentorship support. There is no cost to apply or participate in the program.