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Future JD Students

Withdrawing Your LSAT Registration

If you are unable to take the test for which you have registered, you may cancel your registration in one of three ways:

  1. Request a Test Date Change (for a fee) by the administration's test date change deadline.
  2. Request an LSAT Registration Refund (partial only) by the administration's refund request deadline.
  3. After the Test Date Change and LSAT Registration Refunds deadlines have passed, you will be able to withdraw your registration on the LSAT Status page of your LSAC.org account. This option will be available until 11:59 pm (ET) the night before the test. If you withdraw your registration, you will not receive a refund. You will be required to pay the full registration fee if you register for another test date.

If you fail to cancel your registration, your LSAC file will note "absent." (This is not a score of zero, nor will it be factored into any reportable scores on file.)

Please Note

  1. If you register for a test during the regular registration period, you may not withdraw your registration and then reregister for that same test during the late registration period.
  2. If you received a fee waiver, you must withdraw your registration by the withdrawal deadline in order to use your fee waiver for a future test within your fee waiver period.

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