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Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Reports

Your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Report includes:

  • An Academic Summary Report, which serves as a convenient cover sheet for your credentials. This summary comprises all of your undergraduate work, including any work completed at a graduate, law, or professional school prior to the granting of your four-year undergraduate degree. (View your report on the “Transcripts” page of your LSAC JD Account.)
  • Your LSAT (or LSAT-Flex) score(s) (if required by the law school requesting your report) and writing sample(s).
  • All undergraduate, graduate, and law/professional school transcripts.
  • Your admission index, if the law school has requested one.
  • Letters of recommendation, if applicable.
  • Other relevant information, such as prior matriculation.

Ordering CAS Reports

CAS Reports cost $45 each.

You will need to purchase a CAS Report for each law school to which you are applying. Even if you reapply to a school in a subsequent admission year, you’ll need to purchase a new report.

If you do not apply through your LSAC JD Account, you can order CAS Reports online or by calling 1.800.336.3982. Be sure to have your credit card information ready.

When Do Law Schools Receive My Report?

When the law school is ready to receive your report, they will contact LSAC directly. If your CAS file is complete and without financial holds, LSAC will send the report.

At no additional charge, LSAC will also send updated CAS Reports to the law schools that you’ve applied to IF your CAS file is current AND one of the following events occurs within the same admission year of your application:

  • You repeat the LSAT.
  • LSAC receives an updated transcript.
  • An error in either a transcript or its summarization is reported and corrected.
    This is important. Please Note: LSAC must receive a revised, official transcript clearly marked as “corrected copy” in order to correct transcript errors.
  • LSAC receives an additional letter of recommendation that you have assigned to that particular school.
This is important. Please Note: LSAC will not send CAS Reports at your request.