Embarking on the Building the Future of Justice Tour

February is Black History Month, and this year, for me, it’s also Black Future Month. That’s because I’m hitting the road to present a series of seminars for undergraduate students at historically Black colleges and universities, or HBCUs. Because people in many Black communities do not necessarily have a positive view of the legal profession, I believe meeting students as early in their academic careers as possible is key.

I’m particularly pleased to be presenting the seminars with the support of the Law School Admission Council. LSAC has underscored its commitment to increasing diversity throughout the legal community, with a particular emphasis on supporting undergraduates as they prepare for the LSAT and begin the process of selecting a law school that best meets their needs and career goals. The tour I’m embarking on exemplifies LSAC’s commitment to empowering the legal field’s future leaders to increase access and equity. 

I have two main objectives for the time I will spend with students during the seminars. First, I want to let undergraduates at the HBCUs I visit know they have LSAC’s support as they pursue their dreams of going to law school and practicing law.

My second goal is to share the same level of generosity that was shown to me by people in our field when I embarked on my own journey to law school. I can attest to the wisdom that there’s no better teacher than experience; my hope is that students at the schools we’re visiting on the Building the Future of Justice Tour will learn from mine.

Free and open to all students, each seminar will provide attendees with clear and concrete information about law school and the legal field. The seminars will connect undergraduates who are interested in a career in our field with the resources that can best prepare them for the law school admission process. This will include a deep dive into preparing for and taking the LSAT, as well as the rigors of law school. I will share my own experience as a first-generation college graduate navigating the law school admission process and the many challenges I overcame throughout my law school journey.

Stay tuned for more information about the seminar series. I’ll be posting updates from the tour on LSAC’s Twitter and Facebook pages. I look forward to sharing what I experience along the way.

Miguel Willis

LSAC Presidential Innovation Fellow

Miguel Willis currently serves as the inaugural Presidential Innovation Fellow at Law School Admission Council, where he oversees the Access to Justice Tech Fellows Program.