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Welcome to The LSAT This Week! This is a weekly blog series providing information on all you need to know about the LSAT, including upcoming deadlines, how to prepare for the test, how to avoid having your session flagged, and more. Be sure to come back often to read the latest and greatest as you prepare for your test.

Scheduling Is Now Open for the April LSAT

If you’re registered for the April LSAT, scheduling opened on Thursday, March 30. We recommend you schedule your test as soon as possible, as preferred time slots may fill up quickly. Check the email you received on March 30 for detailed instructions on how to schedule your test.

Should you encounter any difficulty with scheduling your testing session, contact ProctorU via phone at 855.772.8678 or via the ProctorU chat feature by clicking the blue bubble icon on the bottom right corner when you’re logged into your ProctorU account. You can also contact ProctorU support via email at, but it could take longer to receive the assistance you may need.

Test Taker Pro-Tips: The Room Scan

While preparing for your test, check out the Getting Ready for Your LSAT Exam page on our website for instructions on checking your equipment, preparing your exam space, and more.

As you know from your candidate agreement and for security purposes, you will be directed to complete a room scan during the check-in process. A major cause of sessions being flagged for review is an improper room scan before the test. Make sure you slowly (slower than you would think) do a complete 360-degree scan of your entire testing environment, including the top and underneath of your work surface, and be sure that there are no prohibited items in your work area. If you’re uncertain of which items are prohibited, review Sections 14 to 16 of your Candidate Agreement.

Also, make sure that you’re working on a hard surface such as a table or desk with a chair to test and that the room you’re using does not have floor to ceiling windows. Pro tip: Once you have completed your room scan, do not move to another location, or let someone else into the room, during your testing session — yes, people have done that, and it’s a guaranteed red flag resulting in a cancellation.

And remember that the use of scratch paper is permitted for the LSAT Multiple Choice portion, but not for LSAT Writing. A digital notetaking section is available within the LSAT Writing module to type notes as you write your essay.

Upcoming LSAT Registration Deadlines

Registration for the June LSAT closes April 25. This is also the deadline for requesting accommodations for the June test. If you registered for the April LSAT and need to change from the April test to a future administration, you can do so until Thursday, April 13, at 11:59 p.m. ET, through your LSAC online account (fees may apply). You can learn more about test dates, deadlines, date changes, and score release dates on our website. 

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