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Welcome to The LSAT This Week! This is a weekly blog series with all you need to know about the LSAT®, including upcoming deadlines, how to prepare for the test, how to avoid having your session flagged, and more. Be sure to come back often to read the latest information you’ll need to know as you prepare for your test.

April LSAT Scores Are Posting This Week

Scores for test takers who sat for the April LSAT administration will be released on May 3, 2023. Test takers with an approved LSAT Writing sample will be able to see their score by accessing the LSAT tab in the LSAT Status section of their LSAC online account. (If there is a hold on the score, such as not having an approved LSAT Writing sample or a security review, that status will be reflected in their LSAC account instead of a score.)

Don’t forget that to receive a score or to have your score sent to the law schools to which you applied, you must have a completed and approved LSAT Writing® sample on file. LSAT Writing opened on Thursday, April 6, and it is available, on demand, 24/7. If you completed your LSAT Writing before April 28, the score should be available.

Given the large volume of test takers, we strongly encourage you to complete your LSAT Writing as soon as possible to avoid delays in getting your score.

Upcoming Deadlines for the June LSAT

Request for Assistance: We recognize that not every test taker has access to a computer. LSAC is able to provide free loaner equipment to any test taker in the United States or Canada who needs it. We also recognize that not every test taker has access to reliable internet service or a quiet place to test, so we are happy to provide hotel reimbursement up to US $125 to any test taker in the United States or Canada who takes the test at a local hotel, or similar location, and provides the necessary documentation. The deadline to request this assistance, through your account, is Sunday, May 21.

Scheduling: Scheduling for the June LSAT will start at 12 noon ET on Thursday, May 25. At that time, all June LSAT registrants will receive an email communication with instructions on how to schedule their test and the scheduling window available to them.

LSAT Writing: All test takers must have a completed LSAT Writing sample on file in order to receive their score or have their score released to law schools. LSAT Writing for the June LSAT will open on Thursday, June 1. Given the large volume of test takers, we strongly encourage you to complete your LSAT Writing as soon as the window opens to complete it. 

Remember that if you have an LSAT Writing sample from a previous LSAT administration, you do not need to submit a new writing sample.

Test Taker Pro-Tip of the Week: The 10-Minute Intermission

The LSAT multiple-choice test includes a 10-minute intermission between the second and third sections. The intermission will be your opportunity to take a quick pause, use the restroom, eat or drink something, or stretch your legs, but you must continue to follow the rules and not engage in any prohibited behaviors. Most importantly:

  • You must return from the intermission at or before the required 10-minute time window expires. There will be an onscreen timer to assist you.
  • You must indicate you are ready to check in for Section 3 by selecting the “Ready to Check In” button before the time expires.
  • You may not use any electronic devices, such as a cell phone. Use of a cell phone during the intermission will be grounds for termination of your test.
  • You may not use your computer for any purpose other than your test session/intermission.
  • You may not discuss the test with anyone.

It is absolutely critical that you return to your computer within the allotted 10 minutes. Failure to return within the 10-minute window will result in a cancellation, and your testing session will be terminated.

How does the intermission work? At the completion of Section 2, the exam will go into an intermission screen with a brief description of the 10-minute intermission. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a countdown timer and a “Ready to Check In” button. Once the intermission begins, you have up to 10 minutes to leave your testing area, use the restroom, eat or drink something, stretch, and get ready for the second half of your test. Section 3 will not begin until the countdown clock expires. You must click the “Ready to Check In” button before the intermission expires. Once this button is clicked, you will be taken to a waiting room. At this point, your proctor will resecure your testing environment so that you can go on to Section 3. Please be patient as you wait for your Proctor to resecure your testing environment as it may take a few minutes to complete the process.

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