LSAT Skills Analysis Study

The LSAT Skills Analysis Study

Critical thinking skills are becoming increasingly important for success in law school. That’s what a recent survey of law school faculty teaching required courses found. What’s more, these findings show that the LSAT is the only valid test for law school admissions.

LSAC embarked on the Skills Analysis Study research in order to determine the critical skills needed to succeed in law school, as determined by law school professionals.  

In this report, you will find out:

  • The 15 critical skills every law student needs to succeed in law school
  • How and where these skills are ranked
  • How the rankings of specific skills have changed over the past 15 years 

The 15 skills that were rated as most important by law faculty are all measured by the LSAT. Skills like algebra and geometry that are not included in the LSAT were deemed among the least important for law student success. For more information about these 15 important skills, download the full report download the full report today.

Why This Study Matters

The skills analysis survey asked faculty from close to 90 ABA-approved law schools to rate the importance of 70 law school tasks in 14 skill-related categories based on their importance to success in required law school courses. LSAC uses this data to ensure that the LSAT continues to fulfill its purpose as the preeminent law school entrance exam. Additionally, LSAC applies feedback from the Skills Analysis Study to guide the development of additional assessment tools for legal education.

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