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Future JD Students

LGBT Survey Results: Queen’s University Faculty of Law

Nondiscrimination Policy

LGBT Student Organization(s)

There is an LGBT Law Students’ Society club called Outlaw, which organizes primarily social events. The Equity Committee of the Law Students’ Society organizes Positive Space training and holds Positive Space office hours.

LGBT Faculty

Dean William Flanagan

LGBT Administrator(s)

Helen Connop
Manager of Education and Equity Services
Phone: 613.533.6000, ext. 78147

LGBT Course(s)

Law 516 and Law 533 may not be offered every year. Please see the most current course information posted on our JD Program page. It is also possible for upper-year JD students to do an individual project that would delve into LGBT issues under the supervision of a faculty member who has taught these courses in the past. There are a number of courses that deal with equality rights and discrimination, such as Law 535: Equality Rights and the Charter and Law 522: Human Rights.

Law 516: Law and Sexuality

This interdisciplinary seminar focuses on the legal status and civil rights of lesbian women, gay men, and other sexual minorities in Canada and other countries. It includes a consideration of employment law, estate planning, property rights of lesbians and gays, domestic law relating to same-sex relationships and partnership benefits, violence against lesbians and gays, race, gender, and discrimination/constitutional law. The seminar emphasizes the development of a multi- and interdisciplinary perspective on this area of study and employs traditional research resources as well as emerging computer resources in the collection of materials.

Law 533: Law, Gender, Equality

This interdisciplinary seminar seeks to engage the challenges of developing strategies for advancing the equality of women, which are responsive to the ways that systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, ableism, heterosexism, and imperialism interact with gender oppression. From readings that analyze inequalities among different constituencies of women and that model alternatives to essentialist, exclusionary, or privileged theorizing, we will explore the following related issues: how to construct genuinely egalitarian theories, practices, and coalitions; and whether and how law can or should be used to advance all women’s equality. These issues will be discussed in relation to one or more current feminist legislative or litigation initiatives.

Domestic-Partner or Same-Sex Marriage Benefits

Same-sex benefits are available to eligible faculty members and staff at Queen’s. The specific language varies across staffing groups and benefits packages. Law students are eligible members of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students, and benefits are provided through that organization upon payment of the requisite fees.

Additional Information

Queen’s Faculty of Law welcomes applications from students in the General and Access categories who wish to disclose their sexual orientation. If discrimination has been suffered which impacted academic performance adversely, then this could be the basis of a claim to disadvantage as per the Access category definition.

We have a gay-positive climate for law students. We have admitted a transgender student. The 2013 Law School Survey of Student Engagement indicated that 5 percent of our student body identified as bisexual, lesbian, or gay.

The Education Equity Office at the Faculty of Law has a mandate to advocate for students who experience discrimination on systemic grounds and to ensure a good transition and experience at law school through individual supportive counseling as required. The Education Equity Office has helped subsidize LGBT members of Outlaw to attend Out on Bay Street, a professional networking and development conference for LGBT law and business students.

The Human Rights Office at Queen’s University also provides advice, advocacy, and counseling services.

A gender-neutral washroom policy was approved on October 15, 2012.

See also Resources for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans-Identified Individuals in the Kingston Area and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans-Identified Individuals Event Information for the Kingston Area.

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May 21, 2014, 13:28 PM

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