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LGBTQ+ Guide to Law Schools

For almost two decades, LSAC has collected data from member law schools in the U.S. and Canada to support LGBTQ+ individuals’ law school enrollment journeys. The purpose of the guide is to help prospective law students, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity, navigate their law school searches. There is no single “right” law school. The right law school for you will vary based on your interests and needs academically, professionally, and personally.

How to Use This Guide

In the guide, there are two sections for each law school.

1. Policies and Practices That Impact the Student Experience

The first section provides information about policies and practices that impact the student experience. This section addresses:

  • Nondiscrimination policy
  • Name in use (aka chosen name)
  • Pronouns and honorifics
  • Scholarships
  • Resources and opportunities
  • Classroom experience 
  • Faculty 
  • Facilities
  • Local community

2. Navigating the Law School

The second section provides multiple contacts at each school to answer questions about:

  • Financial aid
  • LGBTQ+ resources available on and/or off campus
  • Usage of chosen name, pronouns, or honorifics
  • LGBTQ+ student organization(s)
  • Connecting with LGBTQ+ alumni

This guide will equip you with the basic knowledge you need to understand how schools may or may not meet the needs of LGBTQ+-identifying students. The guide is not exhaustive. Therefore, each school page provides contact information to help you learn more about where else name in use appears, the law student experience, and LGBTQ+ representation among faculty, staff, and students at your schools of interest.

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Schools Who Responded to the 2023 Survey*

* Please note that, due to the current political climate and state-based restrictive policies, it is possible that some schools who completed this survey in previous years were not able to complete the survey in 2023.

LGBTQ+ Candidates: Navigating the Law School Search and Enrollment Journey

School Search Tips for LGBTQ+ Candidates

To support your journey as a prospective LGBTQ+ law student, LSAC’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Subcommittee has compiled a list of key questions to ask yourself and schools to inform your decisions every step of the way.

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