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Grants Reports

Grants Reports:

Alphabetical Listing of Current Grants Reports

After Tenure: Post-Tenure Law Professors in the United States (GR 11-02)
by Elizabeth Mertz, American Bar Foundation, University of Wisconsin Law School; Frances Tung, American Bar Foundation; Katherine Barnes, University of Arizona; Wamucii Njogu, Northeastern Illinois University; Molly Heiler, American Bar Foundation; and Joanne Martin, American Bar Endowment

Agents of Globalization in Law: Phase 1 (GR 09-01)
by Carole Silver, Georgetown University Law Center

Developing an Assessment of First-Year Law Students’ Critical Case Reading and Reasoning Ability: Phase 2 (GR 08-02)
by Dorothy H. Evensen, Penn State University; James F. Stratman, University of Colorado at Denver; Laurel C. Oates, Seattle University School of Law; and Sarah Zappe, Penn State University

Early Law Careers of Male and Female Lawyers in the United States and Germany: A Comparative Study of Work, Family, and Childbearing (GR 12-01)
by John Hagan and Gabriele Plickert, American Bar Foundation

The Educational Diversity Project: Analysis of Longitudinal and Concurrent Student and Faculty Data (GR 10-01)
by Charles E. Daye and Abigail T. Panter, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Walter R. Allen, The University of California, Los Angeles; and Linda F. Wightman, The University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Fear of Falling: The Effects of U.S. News & World Report Rankings on U.S. Law Schools (GR 07-02)
by Michael Sauder, University of Iowa; and Wendy Espeland, Northwestern University

A Fragile Balance: Business, Profession, and Culture in the Large Law Firm (GR 15-02)
by Milton C. Regan, Jr., Georgetown University Law Center; and Lisa H. Rohrer, Harvard Law School

From 1L to 401(k): A Pilot Study of the Later Stages of Lawyers’ Careers (GR 11-01)
by Nancy Reichman, University of Denver

Gender and the Legal Profession: The Michigan Alumni Data Set 1967–2000 (GR 08-01)
by Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, University of Michigan–Ann Arbor; Marc S. Galanter, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Kaushik Mukhopadhaya, Indiana University–Bloomington; and Kathleen E. Hull, University of Minnesota

Law Firm Employment Practices and the Representation of Minority Associates and Partners (GR 14-01)
by Elizabeth H. Gorman, University of Virginia; and Fiona M. Kay, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Law School Alumni Networks and Legal Labor Markets: An Empirical Investigation of Law School Graduate Career Attainment (GR 13-03)
by Christopher I. Rider, Emory University; Adina Sterling, Washington University in St. Louis; and David Tan, Georgetown University

Leaving Law and Barriers to Reentry: A Study of Departures From and Reentries to Private Practice (GR 13-02)
by Fiona M. Kay, Stacey Alarie, and Jones Adjei, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Making the Best of a Bad Beginning: Young New York Lawyers Confronting the Great Recession (GR 16-01)
by Atinuke Adediran, Northwestern University; John Hagan, American Bar Foundation; Patricia Parker, University of Toronto; and Gabriele Plickert, Texas A & M University

The Masculine Mystique: Living Large from Law School to Later Life (GR 07-01)
by John Hagan, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois; and Fiona Kay, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

The Path of the Law: Evolution of the Legal Profession, 1955–2005 (GR 15-01)
by Albert H. Yoon, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Toronto, Canada

A Study of the Relationship Between Bar Admissions Data and Subsequent Lawyer Discipline (GR 13-01)
by Leslie C. Levin, Christine Zozula, and Peter Siegelman, University of Connecticut

Archived Grants Reports

LSAC has archived all Grants Reports that were published 10 or more years ago. These reports are still available upon request.

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