LSAC Leadership

Kellye Y. Testy photo
Kellye Y. Testy

President and CEO
Annmarie Levins photo
Annmarie Levins

Executive Vice President
Camille deJorna photo
Camille deJorna

Deputy for Legal and Global Higher Education

Senior Vice Presidents

Vivian Bowden photo
Vivian Bowden

Senior Vice President for Schools and Institutions
Marjorie L. Britt photo
Marjorie L. Britt

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Lily Knezevich photo
Lily Knezevich

Senior Vice President for Learning and Assessment
Troy Lowry photo
Troy Lowry

Senior Vice President of Technology Products, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Information Security Officer
Laura (Laurie) Loth Pugliese  photo
Laura (Laurie) Loth Pugliese

Senior Vice President for Candidate Services
Leanne M. Shank  photo
Leanne M. Shank

Senior Vice President for Legal and Corporate Affairs and General Counsel

Vice Presidents

Yusuf Abdul-Kareem  photo
Yusuf Abdul-Kareem

Vice President of Emerging Markets and Business Intelligence
Melissa Harris Thirsk photo
Melissa Harris Thirsk

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Susan L. Krinsky photo
Susan L. Krinsky

Vice President and Chief of Staff and Director of Enrollment Management
Kent D. Lollis photo
Kent D. Lollis

Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer