Limits on Repeating the Test

LSAC is committed to providing a fair and equitable testing program and maintaining the integrity of the LSAT. This test-taking limit policy went into effect with the September 2019 LSAT administration. We estimate that this policy will impact a small number of people — less than 1 percent of all LSAT takers.

Starting with the September 2019 test administration, test takers will be permitted to take the LSAT:

  • Three times in a single testing year (LSAT testing years run from July 1 through June 30).
  • Five times within the current and five past testing years (the period in which LSAC reports scores to law schools).
  • A total of seven times over a lifetime.
  • Please note: Canceled LSAT scores, including those canceled with the Score Preview option, count toward the testing limitations whereas absences and withdrawals do not.

This policy is forward-looking, not retroactive. Tests taken prior to September 2019 will not count against these numerical limits.

In addition, test takers will not be permitted to retake the LSAT if they have already scored a 180 (perfect score) within the current and five past testing years, the period in which LSAC reports scores to law schools. This aspect of the policy will be applied retroactively.

Exception to this policy: With the introduction of the LSAT-Flex to provide a safe and effective mechanism for candidates to earn scores during the COVID-19 emergency, LSAC made the decision that the May, June, July, and August 2020 LSAT-Flex tests do not count toward these limits.

Appeals Process

In order to apply for an exemption to the test-taking limit policy, test takers should send an email to and provide a detailed explanation of the significant and extenuating circumstance that would justify such an exemption. In the email, please include:

  • Your name.
  • Your LSAC account number.
  • The upcoming test date for which you are seeking an exemption.
  • Any accompanying documentation you feel the appeals panel should view when considering your case.

If your appeal is successful, the granted exemption will be valid for the next test date for which you register (even if a different administration date was indicated in your appeal).

Please note: If you are granted an exemption for one test-taking limit, the remaining limits still apply to you. For example, if you are granted an exemption to take the test a fourth time in a single year, you will still be limited to taking the test five times within the current and five past testing years and a total of seven times over your lifetime.

The deadline for submitting an appeal is five (5) business days prior to the registration deadline for the desired administration. A decision on the appeal will be announced to the test taker within five (5) business days from submission and are final: there are no further reviews of the appeal. If an appeal is approved, registration for the test must be done over the phone with an LSAC representative.