LSAT Update – July 3, 2024

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Khan Academy Resources Now in LawHub™

Khan Academy and LSAC are committed to providing students with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to prepare for the LSAT. With that commitment in mind, and with the continued growth and development of LawHub, Khan Academy and LSAC jointly announced on November 1, 2023, students would be best served if the tools, resources, and guidance they need to prepare for the LSAT were in one centralized place, and that place should be LawHub.

Thus began a transition of resources, the first wave of which included drill sets, videos, and articles that were made available for free in LawHub’s library in March 2024. The second wave of resources include answers and rationales for the four free Official LSAT PrepTests® available in the LawHub library. We’re pleased to announce that rationales for two of the four free LSAT PrepTests are now available in the LawHub library with the other two sets of rationales to be posted in the coming weeks.

Strategy Booster

August 2024 LSAT registrants can now begin to register for Strategy Booster, a set of free, optional asynchronous resources available open to anyone who registers for the LSAT during the 2024-2025 testing cycle, beginning with the August 2024 administration. Test registrants will receive an email invitation to access the resources approximately six weeks prior to their scheduled test date.

Participants will explore the experiences of recent LSAT test takers, including strategies that worked for them and are backed by the latest research on learning and performance. They will also learn how to optimize LawHub’s free LSAT prep resources, identify where to focus their study time, and prepare more effectively for the LSAT. As part of Strategy Booster, participants will have an opportunity to share their stories and experiences to help future test takers.

Strategy Booster will be available to all LSAT test takers six weeks prior to the start of the administration for which they register.

LSAT Argumentative Writing

Beginning July 30, 2024, LSAT Argumentative Writing will replace the LSAT Writing prompt that has been part of the LSAT since 1982.

This new approach to the writing assessment aims to assess a test taker’s ability to construct a cogent argument based on a variety of evidentiary sources. Test takers will be presented with a debatable issue, along with three or four perspectives that provide additional context for the issue. These perspectives, each of which is conveyed in a few sentences, are representative of a system of beliefs or values. Together, the perspectives illustrate competing ideologies and arguments around a particular issue. The test taker will then draft an argumentative essay in which they take a position on the issue, while addressing some of the arguments and ideas presented by the other perspectives.

As a result of this transition, after July 30, test takers with a completed writing sample will no longer have access to a PDF copy of their essay through their LSAC JD Account. This is true both for LSAT Writing samples completed prior to July 30 and for LSAT Argumentative Writing samples completed on or after that date. If you expect to have a completed writing sample on file before July 30, and want to download a copy for your records, we urge you to do so prior to this date.

Essays completed both before and after July 30 will continue to be part of your LSAC record, just as they are now, and will still be submitted to law schools as part of your application.