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A New Chapter Begins for LSAC’s Plus Program

By Laura Fonseca

For more than two decades, LSAC’s Plus program has been at the forefront of empowering aspiring law students. As we embark on our 22nd year, and after impacting more than 3,500 students at 34 of our member law schools, LSAC is thrilled to unveil a new evolution of Plus that not only builds upon its success, but also addresses the evolving needs of potential law school students and member law schools.

This revamped Plus program, with its guided journey initiative, seeks to increase access to justice by providing tailored support to underserved individuals facing structural barriers in their pursuit of legal education. Indeed, the Plus program has undergone a transformative redesign, enabling it to reach more students, offer increased support throughout the application journey, and collaborate with a greater number of law schools than ever before.

This evolution is a testament to LSAC’s commitment to innovate to better serve our students and actively listen to the needs of our stakeholders. Specifically, it is designed to meet the needs of underserved students and to help overcome structural barriers to access.

At the heart of the new Plus program lies its commitment to continuous support and community building, aimed at breaking down barriers to justice for those facing challenges in accessing legal education. LSAC identifies structural barriers as factors such as limited legal representation, low socioeconomic status, restricted access to prelaw support, and first-generation student status. By directly addressing these challenges, the program aims to create a more inclusive and diverse legal community.

The redesigned Plus program is strategically focused on serving individuals preparing to apply to law school in the upcoming cycle. It provides scholars with the support they need precisely when they need it, recognizing and adapting to the busy and demanding lives of its participants. Plus, Guided Journey scholars will participate in synchronous and asynchronous programming throughout their application journey which is specifically designed to help them navigate the process. The cohort model provides community for scholars and exposes them to law school professionals across the country to help demystify the application process. This tailored approach ensures that every aspiring law student receives the guidance necessary to navigate the complex application process.

Collaboration and Regional Hub

In a groundbreaking move, LSAC is launching the first regional hub of the Plus program in Washington, D.C. This innovative hub will see collaboration among D.C.-area law schools, hosting scholars on three separate occasions during the program. Participants will gain valuable insights into the world of law school, working closely with professionals from D.C.-area schools. In addition to year-round online programming, this localized approach enhances the program’s impact and provides a unique experience for scholars.

Excitingly, applications for the LSAC Plus, Guided Journey program open on January 3. To further engage prospective participants, a student webinar is scheduled for January 25 at 2 p.m. ET. Alongside the launch of the new program, LSAC plans to host two traditional summer Plus programs in 2024, with details to be announced.

The LSAC Plus program’s evolution represents a significant step forward in its mission to empower and support aspiring law students. By focusing on inclusivity, tailored support, and regional collaboration, LSAC is shaping the future of legal education and promoting access to justice for all. As the redesigned program takes flight, it stands as a beacon of opportunity, guiding individuals toward a fulfilling and impactful legal career.

We invite you to learn more about the Plus, Guided Journey program and encourage you to apply now.

Laura Fonseca

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs and Initiatives

Laura Fonseca is director of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and initiatives at the Law School Admission Council.