Practice Tests for August 2024 and beyond now available on LSAC’s LawHub

By Susan Krinsky

We are pleased to announce today that updated test preparation materials opens in new window are now available in LSAC’s LawHub, designed to support test takers planning to test in August 2024 or later.

As we announced last October, we are replacing the Analytical Reasoning section (often referred to as “logic games”) with a second scored Logical Reasoning section at the start of the 2024-2025 testing year. Starting with the August 2024 test, the LSAT will consist of two scored Logical Reasoning sections, one scored Reading Comprehension section, and one unscored Variable section of either LR or RC which we will use to field test questions for future use and ensure that every question is free from any form of bias.

To help meet the needs of all test takers, we are providing two sets of test preparation materials and practice tests — one set that reflects the existing test format that will be used through the current testing year ending with the June 2024 exam, and a second set that reflects the new test format which will be used starting with the August 2024 exam and beyond.

The new August 2024 format test prep materials on LawHub include 4 free full-length practice tests and 54 additional full-length practice tests on LawHub Advantage opens in new window, which is available for a full-year subscription of $115.

The primary difference between the two sets of test prep materials is the format of the overall practice test, not the content of the LR or RC practice questions. The content in the Logical Reasoning sections of the LSAT is not changing, so the two sets of test prep materials for the June 2024 and before format and the August 2024 and beyond format are interchangeable from a Logical Reasoning preparation standpoint.

The new practice tests for August 2024 and beyond, which will not include a logic games section, will have three-digit numbers starting at 101. The current practice tests for June 2024 and before have two-digit numbers. There are obviously fewer practice tests for the August 2024 format, as removal of the AR sections from the existing four-section tests required consolidation and reconfiguration of the remaining sections into new four-section tests consisting solely of LR and RC sections.

Recognizing that some prospective test takers may have started their preparation on practice tests in the current format and may now want to switch to the August 2024 format, LSAC will be providing a reference guide to help people determine which practice test sections they have already used, and also identify explanations and coaching materials that are available for free online but may be labeled or identified using the historical prep test naming conventions.

Looking ahead, we will be announcing the test dates for all eight test administrations in the 2024-2025 testing year later this month. And, as always, we will be opening registration for the 2024-2025 tests by mid-May.

Finally, as we announced late last year, we will also be adding to LawHub a range of test prep videos, explanatory articles, and sample problem sets from our collaboration with Khan Academy. The first set of Khan Academy LSAT Prep resources will become available on LawHub for free by mid-March. In addition, all Khan Academy LSAT Prep resources will continue to be available on Khan Academy through June 30.

We are very pleased to make these practice tests for the August 2024 and beyond tests available, and we will continue to support the students in their learning journeys in a wide variety of ways on LawHub.

Susan L. Krinsky

Executive Vice President for Operations and Chief of Staff
Prior to joining LSAC’s leadership team in 2018, Susan L. Krinsky served as associate dean for student affairs and communications at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, where she was responsible for admission, student affairs, registration and enrollment, career development, and communications. She earned her JD from Yale Law School.