Student Stories

Law school students around the country are committed to making a difference by working on legal issues that matter to them. If you’re thinking about law school and wondering what the experience might be like for you, check out these stories.

Ashford Kneitel

Ashford KneitelAshford was granted special permission to appear before a federal appeals court, where he argued for a prisoner’s right to read.

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Liz Harris

Liz HarrisWorking in legal clinics, this single mom helped cancer patients with estate planning and low-income clients with housing and consumer issues.

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Virginia Giannini

Virginia GianniniA naturalized citizen who wants to help other immigrants, Virginia successfully represented a young man from El Salvador seeking asylum in the United States.

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Byron Bailey

Byron BaileyHelped clients achieve their goals while working in a trademark clinic, an entrepreneurial clinic, and a community development clinic.

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Symone White

Symone WhiteSpearheaded Discover Law Day for 100 underrepresented students in Houston, letting teenagers experience “A Day in the Life of a Law Student.” Symone is a leader and mentor in the pipeline, and has won accolades for her activism.

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Savannah Chinski

Savannah ChinskiSavannah was inspired to pursue the complex field of elder law after her father suffered a stroke. As the director of the Elder Law Pro Bono Project, she teaches the elderly—and young adults—about their legal options.

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Johnanthony Alaimo

Johnanthony AlaimoClerked in the LA District Attorney’s Office, where he sought justice for vulnerable populations through the Victim Impact Program. He won an argument before the court and was complimented by the judge. 

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Maria Jose Padilla

Maria Jose PadillaWorked with leading attorneys and advocates in Colombia on behalf of LGBTQ communities. She learned how international law and human rights intersect in practice.

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