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LSAC’s Commitment to Access and Equity in the Legal Ecosystem

For close to 75 years, we have championed access and equity in legal education by expanding educational opportunities; making the world of legal education more diverse and inclusive; and working together to build a more just and prosperous world. As part of its mission, LSAC not only provides comprehensive and personalized support to law schools and prelaw advisors, but also partners with individuals to help them succeed in their journey from prelaw through practice.

Kellye Testy

A Note from LSAC President and CEO, Kellye Y. Testy

Whether you are a newly-minted dean or a dean with much experience, I believe the resources below will help as you continue to:

  • Build your pipeline, advise prelaw students, and support others in those efforts
  • Foster a diverse and inclusive law school environment
  • Grow professionally and support the professional development of your staff
  • Analyze data and meet your enrollment goals

As a former dean of two law schools, I understand the challenge of balancing these goals along with other goals that are unique to your school and situation. That is why I enthusiastically invite you to explore our Deans’ Resources page and reach out to me or my colleagues if we can be of assistance.

Best Regards,

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Supporting Your Enrollment Goals

LSAC’s interactive Volume Dashboard allows you to break down applicant data by region, race or ethnicity, gender identity, and LSAT score. Our Law School Forums, hosted annually, provide invaluable opportunities for candidates and law school staff to meet and chat, either virtually or face to face. Tools such as the Candidate Referral Service, a database of prospective candidates provided to member law schools, and our fee waiver program further assist your recruitment efforts. LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service simplifies the application process for schools and candidates. We offer Legal Education Consulting (PDF), a suite of individually tailored services designed to help your school meet its unique goals, including enrollment management, admission staffing, accreditation, bar passage, comprehensive strategy planning, and more.

To build the class of your dreams, you need an intuitive and efficient enrollment management system. LSAC Unite® was developed to help your staff streamline admission, marketing, and recruiting processes. 

About the LSAT®

Correlation studies consistently show that LSAT score combined with undergraduate GPA is the single best predictor of first-year law school success. Every question on the LSAT undergoes a rigorous testing process, and our measurement scientists and test developers continually research the performance of the test to ensure that the LSAT is the most effective, fair, and valid assessment of candidates’ potential for success in law school. At LSAC, we believe that affordable, high quality test preparation resources should be accessible to all. Candidates can choose the test preparation approaches that feels most comfortable so they can be set up for success.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

The most effective and just legal system is one that reflects the communities it represents, and reaching that ideal begins with investing in the legal education pipeline to build a more diverse and equitable future. LSAC’s long-standing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in legal education and the legal profession is evident in its collective and inclusive efforts to support diverse candidates, students, and the law school staff. These efforts include LSAC’s Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Programs, which target undergraduate students from marginalized communities. We also award DEI Pipeline grants for innovative proposals that focus on and impact diversity in the law school pipeline through research projects or other innovative initiatives and programming. And we lead the way in providing supportive professional development to support diverse law school staff and the students they serve.

Diversity in Law School

LSAC DEI Pipeline Grant

Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS)

RISE Alliance™

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Deans Dialogue and Other Webinars

LSAC is committed to supporting and uniting our schools, candidates, and other valued members of the legal education community. In service of that goal, we present a series of recurring, audience-specific webinars covering a broad range of topics. These include:

  • A Deans Dialogue series, hosted by LSAC President and CEO Kellye Testy, which addresses the most important issues you’re facing today.
  • Monthly webinars designed for admission professionals to keep your admission staff informed and updated on topics of interest and importance. The webinars also create an opportunity for presenters and attendees to share best practices for how they work.
  • Monthly webinars for prelaw advisors that center on how to best serve their students and prepare them for their legal education journeys.
  • LSAC’s popular LSAC LawHub® webinar series, which is designed to support candidates by addressing their most pressing concerns while offering insights from law school administrators on the current state of admissions.
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If you’re looking for trends and information in the world of legal education, look no further than LSAC Insights, a one-stop destination for the latest research, data, and news about our profession. We also offer regular updates on LSAC initiatives, profiles of candidates who’ve found success in law school and the justice system, and more on LSAC’s Law:Fully blog.

LSAC Insights

Law:Fully Blog

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Helpful Resources

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Law School Applicants and Applications

Stay up to date with the latest volume data on law school applicants, applications, and LSAT test takers in the U.S. and Canada. Updated daily!

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LSAC LawHub®

LSAC’s LawHub is relied upon by hundreds of thousands of law candidates for test preparation and other services — including taking the LSAT® itself. LawHub is now expanding to provide additional support to candidates along their prelaw through practice learning journey.

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