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LSAC was created by law deans who wanted to make legal education accessible and equitable. As a law school dean, you play an important role in bringing together the people, the processes, and the systems to support students and help them thrive. You shape the future of the legal profession, working within a dynamic context. You must not only manage what’s happening within your law school and university, but also stay on top of what’s happening externally in your community, nationally, and beyond.

Susan Krinsky

A Note from LSAC Interim President and CEO, Susan L. Krinsky

Whether you are new to your role as dean or have been a dean for many years, LSAC’s Deans’ Resources page will help you do a tough job better. I encourage you to bookmark this page as you’ll find resources yearlong that can help you:

  • Build your pipeline, advise prelaw students, and support others in those efforts
  • Foster an inclusive law school environment
  • Analyze data and meet your unique enrollment goals
  • Grow professionally and support the professional development of your staff

Please reach out to me or any of my colleagues at LSAC throughout the year if we can be of service in any way. We’re here to help you succeed as we advance our mission.

Lastly, thank you for committing your life’s work to advancing law and justice. LSAC was created more than seven decades ago by law deans who wanted to make legal education accessible and equitable. As the legal education landscape is shifting, I am invigorated to push even farther and faster to fulfill our mission. I appreciate that we are in this together.

Best Regards,
Susan L. Krinsky

LSAC Is Here to Support You

You are shaping the future of the legal profession, one student at a time, and we are here to support you.

We help you meet your institutional goals by:

  • Building a strong pipeline and connecting you with prospective applicants
  • Providing access-opening tools to help you make equitable, holistic admission decisions
  • Providing a robust enrollment management platform designed specifically for law schools
  • Providing high quality solutions that help your students succeed
  • Delivering data and insights that help you and your staff make informed, strategic decisions
  • Offering educational programs that advance professional growth and development for you and your team

Solutions to Help You Achieve Your Goals


LSAC’s marketing campaigns, Law School Forums, webinars, pipeline programs (e.g., Plus and activities to reach prospects even earlier), Candidate Referral Service (CRS), and generous fee waiver program are among the many contributors to your ability to access a vibrant and steady pool of prospective law students. As part of its Legal Education Consulting suite, LSAC also offers schools digital marketing services to help reach target audiences with precision.

Law student speaking with recruiter

Admission Assessment

The LSAT is a highly valid and reliable standardized test designed specifically for law school admission, and with input from law schools on the skills that matter most. Correlation studies consistently show that the LSAT is the single best predictor of first-year law school success, and that the LSAT score combined with undergraduate GPA is the best predictor of all. LSAC is also developing an additional pathway to legal education through its LawReady program.

Law student in classroom with arms crossed, smiling at camera

Enrollment Management

The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) provides a convenient way to holistically assess applicants. The CAS packages applicants’ LSAT scores, undergraduate transcripts, and other documentation into a standard report, making file review and admission operations faster and more efficient. It is available via LSAC Unite®, a customer relationship and enrollment management platform that enables law schools to build, nurture, and manage the pipeline of prospective students.

Law student standing in doorway with books in hand

Student Success

LawHub™ opens in new window is a platform and a suite of products and services that supports individuals on their journeys from prelaw through practice. Originally most popular as a destination for test preparation resources, LawHub has evolved to include free and low-cost academic and professional success offerings to help prospective, incoming, and current law students get familiar with the law school experience, understand academic expectations, and develop their professional identity and skills.

Law student smiling at camera with books in hand


LSAC’s Legal Education Consulting team has an unparalleled understanding of data, trends, and cycles that shape legal education. LEC experts are deeply embedded in the law school community, constantly gathering interpretive insights and using cutting-edge data analytics to stay ahead of the curve. They consult with integrity on a number of projects designed to address schools’ unique needs and achieve institutional goals. You can also access data and perspectives through LSAC Insights which includes resources such as our Law:Fully blog, Keeping Up to Data podcast, and volume data that is updated daily.

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Professional Development

LSAC offers a variety of professional development opportunities including webinars for law school deans as well as admission and DEI professionals to exchange ideas about various challenges and opportunities they face. LSAC’s Annual Meeting and Educational Conference is the event admission professionals look forward to in late spring, and is complemented by programming for new admission professionals and from the RISE Alliance, a national center within LSAC that supports the leadership and professional needs of student-facing law school staff throughout the year.

Law student speaking with advisor

LSAC is proud to be a resource to you and will continue to bring forth innovative, evidence-based solutions that add value and convenience to your work. We are grateful for your collaboration in advancing law and justice — and building a more just and prosperous world — one student at a time.

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