submitting an accommodation decision appeal online
Appeal Procedures

Here’s what you can do if your request is not fully approved.

Appeal Procedure for Accommodation Requests Made by the Registration Deadline

If your request for accommodation(s) is denied (other than for lateness or lack of registration), you have the right to appeal LSAC’s decision.

You have 2 business days after the posting of LSAC’s decision to your online account to inform LSAC of your intent to appeal.

You have 4 calendar days from the posting of LSAC’s decision to your online account to submit your appeal.

All appeals must be received by LSAC no later than 12 calendar days before the administration of the test for which you are seeking accommodations.

If your appeal is received less than 12 calendar days before the scheduled test date, you may request that your test date be moved to the next test administration at no additional cost, so that your appeal may be considered.

The result of your appeal will be provided to you within one week of its submission, barring unforeseen circumstances.