using the online request form
Getting started

Once you’ve registered for the LSAT, you can complete the “Request Accommodations” form within your LSAC JD Account.

How to Request Accommodations on the LSAT

All requests for test accommodations (including requests related to previously approved accommodations) must now be submitted online within your LSAC JD Account. All information related to your request can be completed online, and all required documents can be uploaded and submitted electronically, through your account. Please contact us if you have any questions about submitting your request online.

To make your online request:

  1. You must already be registered for the LSAT test date for which you wish to request testing accommodations. You will not be able to begin the online accommodations request process until you are registered to take the test for which you wish to request testing accommodations.
    This is important. Upon registering, you will be prompted to indicate whether you prefer to test remotely or at a test center; however, this will not dictate your final placement. Certain accommodations are best administered in a remote modality while others are best administered in a test center modality. Because of this, certain accommodations may require you to take the test using a particular modality. When requesting accommodations, please consider the accommodations needed for both testing modalities.
  2. Access the online request form by activating the “Request Accommodations” link in your LSAC JD Account. You can find this link under “LSAT” in your account’s menu system.LSAC online account My Home screen. The “LSAT” submenu is expanded in the main navigation. The “Request Accommodations” link is listed in this submenu.
  3. The online “Request Accommodations” form will guide you through the process of submitting all required information and documentation. If you are not able to complete your request in one session, you can save your progress and continue the request process later. However, you must submit your completed request by the accommodation request deadline, available at Upcoming LSAT Dates.

    With regard to uploading documents, please note:

    • All uploaded documentation should be typed.
    • Accepted file formats include jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, rtf, htm, html, and txt.
    • Maximum file size per document = 10 MB.
    • Please do not upload the same document more than once.