Person filling out paper documentation
Completing Your Accommodation Request

We recommend reviewing these common documentation issues before submitting your request.

Common Reasons Why Documentation Is Deemed Insufficient by LSAC

The following lists some common reasons why documentation submitted in support of a request for accommodation on the LSAT is deemed insufficient by LSAC:

  1. No evidence of a disability is submitted by the candidate (e.g., no objective documentation was provided from a qualified professional to verify the presence of a disability for which test accommodations are necessary, nor were any records submitted to show a history of accommodations on a prior standardized test).
  2. Documentation of the disability is not from a qualified professional. A qualified professional is a person who is licensed or otherwise properly credentialed and possesses expertise in the disability for which modifications or accommodations are sought.
  3. The statement of need for an accommodation fails to provide a reasonable explanation for why the candidate needs the testing accommodation.
  4. The documentation does not meet LSAC’s recency criteria, because the qualified professional examined the candidate who is seeking accommodation for a mental or cognitive disability more than 5 years before the request for accommodation was submitted, or the qualified professional examined the candidate who is seeking accommodation for a noncognitive disability (i.e., physical or medical) before the age of 13.
  5. The documentation is not legible.
  6. The accommodation request is for greater than 50% additional time (or 100% additional time for candidates with severe visual impairments) and the documentation does not 1) provide a rationale for the accommodation request based on history and objective evidence or 2) show that more than 50% additional time (or more than 100% additional time for candidates with certain visual impairments) has been granted as a consistent accommodation and was approved by an appropriate professional.