International Transcripts

This is important: LLM degree applicants should go to the LLM Credential Assembly Service page.

You MUST request that the issuing institution send your international transcripts, academic records, mark sheets, and degree certifications directly to LSAC IF you are applying to a law school that requires Credential Assembly Service Authentication and Evaluation (CAS A&E) and

  • you received your bachelor’s degree from an institution outside of the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada or
  • you were directly enrolled at one or more institutions outside of the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada and the total amount of work you completed at all of these institutions combined is the equivalent of one year or more of study in the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada.

Ordering Transcripts/Academic Records

All documents must be sent directly to LSAC by the issuing institution in a securely closed envelope and with the institution’s official stamp or seal across the securely closed flap. Documents issued to the student or sent from the student are unacceptable, as are loose documents inserted directly into an express mailer. When using an express mail service, the securely closed envelope from the institution must be contained inside of the express mailer.

If an international institution issues only one “original” transcript to the student, then LSAC will accept a copy certified by the issuing institution as a true and correct copy of the original.

All international educational records must be submitted in the original language. If the transcript or other required documents are not in English, a translation must be included.

Do NOT have a transcript sent from an international institution IF your bachelor’s degree is from a U.S., U.S. territory/associated state, or Canadian school, and

  • the total amount of work you completed at all international institutions combined is less than the equivalent of one year of undergraduate study in the United States, its territories/associated states, or Canada, or
  • your work was completed through an overseas study program that was clearly sponsored by a U.S., U.S. territory/associated state, or Canadian school. In this case, the transcript must be sent by the sponsoring school.

People’s Republic of China

  • Official institution-issued transcripts for all programs in both Chinese and English, as well as official copies of all degree and graduation certificates, in Chinese and English, for all completed programs.


  • Official verification reports for transcripts (for all programs) and graduation certificates (for all completed programs) from the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC), and official verification reports for degree certificates (for all completed degree programs) from the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC).
    • CHESICC verification reports should be sent by selecting LSAC – Law School Admission Council from the Institutional Recipient List of International Cooperative Application/学信档案国际合作申请. If available, you may have your English degree verification report sent through CHESICC as well.
    • CDGDC verification reports, in Chinese, with LSAC indicated as the recipient of the report, should be sent to You must also request the English verification report from CDGDC if not provided from CHESICC as noted above.


Applicants educated in Cuba must follow this two-step procedure when submitting transcripts to LSAC:

  1. Request Consultoria Juridica Internacional (CJI) to have the following documents verified by the Ministry of Higher Education, legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs, translated into English, and then sent directly to LSAC from the CJI office: Certificación de Notas y Certificación de Título issued by the university in Spanish, with CJI English translations of the documentation.


  2. Send LSAC a copy of your original Certificacion de Notas y Certifico de Titulo as originally issued by the university.

Transcript Evaluation

An international credential evaluation is completed in order to determine degree and credit equivalency to degrees/credit earned in the US. This is completed by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) via LSAC, once you’ve completed your CAS registration, and all international documents have been processed. 

Candidates will need to allow at least two weeks for evaluation from the time transcripts are processed.