Frequently Asked Questions About the Process for Requesting Accommodation(s) on the LSAT

What must I submit in order for my request for accommodation to be reviewed?

  • See Documentation Requirements
  • Put your name and LSAC account number on each page of documentation that you submit for review (both front and back if the page is two-sided). This includes faxes and emails.

LSAC does not return or provide copies of documentation. You should keep copies of all documents submitted, especially if they are originals. You should also retain copies of any facsimile transmission reports.

Do I have to submit a new request for accommodations if I was granted accommodations on a prior administration of the LSAT?

  • No, subject to certain exceptions. Candidates are automatically approved to receive the same accommodations they were approved to receive on their last administration of the LSAT upon timely registering for the exam, without having to submit a request for accommodations.  No supporting documentation is required from these candidates. An approval letter will be posted to the candidate’s online account.
  • With the transition to LSAT Writing and the Digital LSAT, accommodated candidates who were previously approved to receive accommodations on the paper-and-pencil delivered LSAT will receive either the same or equivalent accommodations on the Digital LSAT or on an alternate format of the test, depending on the nature of the accommodation. LSAC will provide notice of any equivalent accommodations granted within the approval letter posted to the candidate’s online account. In the event you have any questions about automatically approved accommodations, please contact an LSAC Accommodated Testing Customer Relations Specialist by phone at 215.966.6625 or 855.384.2253 (toll-free) or email at
  • If your last LSAT was more than five years before your current test registration date, LSAC may no longer have data or records related to your approved accommodations on that test. If for any reason you do not see an approval letter posted to your account within one week of registering, please contact LSAC immediately by phone at 215.966.6625 or 855.384.2253 (toll-free) or email at If LSAC no longer has data relating to your prior request and approval, it will be your responsibility to provide LSAC with acceptable proof that testing accommodations were approved on the LSAT and specifically identifying what those approved accommodations were. 
  • Please visit Documentation Requirements for a complete description of this policy.
  • This policy only applies with respect to accommodations previously approved for the LSAT. There is also a streamlined process and approval procedure, however, for candidates who were previously approved to receive testing accommodations on certain other standardized postsecondary admission tests. Candidates who wish to request accommodations on the LSAT based on proof of their receipt of accommodations on certain other standardized tests should review LSAC’s Policy on Prior Testing Accommodations on Certain Other Standardized Postsecondary Admission Tests and submit the required documentation within the published deadlines.

When is the deadline for submitting documentation for an accommodation request?

  • Persons with disabilities seeking testing accommodations must submit their request for testing accommodations together with all supporting documentation by the stated registration deadline to be considered for testing accommodations. Barring unforeseen circumstances, LSAC will respond to each request for testing accommodations within 14 business days of its receipt.
  • There are no exceptions to this deadline.
  • Documentation must be received by LSAC at its offices by the applicable deadline. Please be advised that for deadline purposes, delivery to LSAC’s post office box (PO Box 8512) at the Newtown, Pennsylvania post office does not constitute receipt by LSAC. Especially near the deadline, to ensure timely receipt by LSAC, you should consider the use of a courier service and should direct delivery to LSAC’s offices at LSAC Accommodated Testing, 662 Penn Street, Newtown PA 18940-0995.
  • Documentation that is emailed or sent via facsimile must be received in LSAC’s office by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the deadline day associated with your LSAT registration. Documentation sent via email or fax will not be processed if it is missing page(s), is not legible, or is not received on time.

Will LSAC confirm receipt of my documentation?

  • Information on the status of your accommodation request will be posted on your account under LSAT Status. In most cases, confirmation of receipt of documentation will be noted on your account approximately 5 business days after LSAC receives your documentation.
  • If you submit your documentation by email, the Accommodated Testing email system automatically confirms receipt of emails.

How long will it take for LSAC to respond to my request for accommodation or to inquiries about my request?

  • Barring unforeseen circumstances, LSAC will respond to your request and any inquiries within 14 business days of receipt.

How are accommodated scores reported to law schools?

  • Scores earned with testing accommodations, including the testing accommodation of extended time, are reported in the same manner as nonaccommodated scores.

How do I contact LSAC?

  • Email:; place name and LSAC account number in the subject line.
  • Phone: 215.966.6625, or Toll-free: 855.384.2253
  • Fax: 215.504.1420; documentation received via facsimile must be legible.
  • US Mail: LSAC Accommodated Testing, PO Box 8512, Newtown PA 18940-8512
  • Courier Service: LSAC Accommodated Testing, 662 Penn Street, Newtown PA 18940-0995
  • Accommodated Testing Complaints:
    This is important. Please Note: Complaint emails sent to this address must include the candidate’s LSAC account number in the subject line. A copy of any complaints sent by mail or fax must also be sent by email to this address.