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LSAC is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to advance law and justice by promoting access, equity, and fairness in law school admission and supporting learning journeys from prelaw through practice. As the developer of the LSAT, we have decades of experience in assessment science and in supporting the journeys of generations of aspiring lawyers. Developed in collaboration with a group of exceptional leaders and thinkers from undergraduate education, law schools, and the legal profession, LawReady builds on leading research and our experience as a holistic program designed to meet students interested in law earlier in their undergraduate studies. This innovative approach enhances prelaw education and guidance that may already exist on campus and works in collaborative partnership with colleges and universities to provide students with a roadmap to develop the crucial skills, abilities, and personal qualities they will need to succeed in law school and beyond.

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Undergraduate Students

Whether you’ve always known you wanted to be a lawyer or you want to see if law school could open the door for another career path, LawReady gives you a head start on your future.

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Program Overview

LawReady is designed to improve student outcomes in three key areas:

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Academic Development

Academic courses within the undergraduate institution's existing curriculum are aligned to teach the skills most critical for law school success.

Assessments track students’ progress and mastery across key skills and abilities.

When students are ready to apply to law school, their portfolio of completed work can be included as part of their application, with an opportunity to earn the LawReady certificate.

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Navigate the Journey

Students will explore the different pathways to careers in law and justice and build awareness of the law school experience.

Guidance from mentors and interactive activities inform and shape students’ educational goals and career interests.

Personalized resources and tools assist students when they are ready to apply to law school.

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Community Engagement

Student success workshops and events help students develop a strong, supportive network.

Peer and affinity groups build connections with other aspiring law students locally and nationally.

Students will gain confidence and increase feelings of inclusion and belonging in pursuing a law degree and a future law career.

LawReady Advisory Committee

Learn more about the exceptional leaders and thinkers from undergraduate education, law schools, and the legal profession working with LSAC to help advise and shape LawReady.

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