Official LSAT Content Licensees

This is a comprehensive list of test prep companies that have licensed official LSAT content. LSAC does not review or audit the performance of individual test prep companies and urges candidates who are considering paid test prep services to perform research and due diligence to find a test prep company that is right for them.

LSAC is delighted that many of our licensees are offering free or discounted courses to LSAC fee waiver recipients. These licensees are indicated with a “Yes” in the Offers Fee Waiver column in the following table. LSAC will not provide the names or contact information of fee waiver recipients directly to any licensee. However, upon written request from a licensee, LSAC will verify whether an LSAC fee waiver has been granted. Please note that requests for test prep fee waivers must be made directly to the test prep companies providing them.

Licensee Offers Fee Waiver
7Sage Yes
Accepted Inc.  
AdeptLR (created by Adept Testing LLC)  
Admit Master  
Advantage Testing  
AlphaScore Seminars  
Artisanal Publishing  
Ascend Tutoring  
Blueprint Test Preparation Yes
CTL Tutoring  
Diana Greenwell  
Elemental Prep  
elleSAT Yes
Focus Approach  
Fox LSAT  
Griffon Prep Yes
Harvard Ready  
Ho Dong Chyung  
Jacob Kennedy  
JD Advising  
JD Genius  
LSAT Ally Yes
LSAT Cracked  
LSAT Demon Yes
LSAT Engine Yes
LSAT Lab Yes
LSAT Made Easy  
Made Simple Learning   
Magoosh Yes
Manhattan Prep  
McKay Research Prep  
Minus Zero  
Mitchell Golden  
Modern Edukos  
Momentum Test Prep  
Moore Tutoring  
Nexus Academics  
Nova Press  
Odyssey Yes
Princeton Review  
Riiid Labs  
State of Mind  
TestMasters (.net)  
Testmasters (.com)  
TestMax Inc. Yes
Total Test Prep  
Wize Yes
Zoey Aliyah Robinson