Writing for Impact

We launched the second year of the Outline It Writing for Impact Pilot Program in August 2023. This year, 3,000 individuals who are planning to apply to law school this cycle will participate in a four-week asynchronous pilot program operated by Outline It to help them complete strong application essays. Participants have chosen one of three dates to begin the pilot program. Throughout the four weeks, individuals will engage with content that helps them consider why they are applying to law school, their strengths and experiences, and how to share their stories through the process of outlining and drafting a personal and diversity statement. Those who successfully complete the virtual component of the pilot program will be eligible to participate in live review sessions. LSAC is very excited to work with Outline It to provide this support for candidates. We are working closely with LSAC’s research team to evaluate the pilot program’s effectiveness and to potentially expand access in the coming years.