About LSAC Legal Education Student Design Partners

What types of students would make great Design Partners?

We are looking for energetic and committed students who are:

  • Interested in a career in law or a related path
  • Interested in programs that help students who are considering legal education
  • Interested in enhancing the legal profession

Who can participate?

All students 18 years or older with an interest in law can apply. A limited number of students will be accepted to participate. All participating students will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

What types of design activities will I do?

While the design activities may be adjusted as the program takes shape, the planned activities include three workshops, two hour-long one-on-one interviews, and approximately 5 surveys lasting 10 minutes each. The workshops, which will take about two hours each, will be used to understand your needs and create solutions by working together.

When will the design activities take place?

Student Design Partners will participate in about 10 hours of design activities through early 2023. This commitment is flexible; students may elect to participate in all or just some of the activities.

What is the compensation?

You will be compensated for each activity in which you participate and earn up to $250 in gift cards. You will earn a $50 gift card for each design workshop, a $25 gift card for each interview, and a $10 gift card for each survey you complete.

LSAC strives to host inclusive events that are accessible for attendees to engage and participate fully. Please indicate any accommodations you require to participate in this event, and LSAC will make all reasonable efforts to satisfy your accommodation requests.

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Still have questions about the program?

To get on the list of potential student design partners, or if you have additional questions, email studentdesignpartners@LSAC.org.

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