LSAT Inbox

Welcome to the LSAT Inbox! This is a weekly blog series that answers frequently asked questions about the LSAT®. We encourage you to check back often for answers to more questions you may have as you prepare for the test.

What kind of computer/software can I use to take the LSAT remotely?

Prometric’s ProProctor live proctoring software is only compatible with Microsoft or macOS, on laptops or desktops. Keep in mind that Chromebooks, Linux, and tablets are not compatible. If you plan to take the LSAT remotely using macOS, be advised that the Prometric secure is now compatible with the newly released macOS Sonoma 14 update.

You will need to download the ProProctor application and install it to your computer at least 48 hours prior to your test. You will need administrator rights to download the required software. If you’re using a work or school computer and do not have administrator rights, you will need to use a different computer.

How does Score Preview work?

In response to requests and feedback from test takers, LSAC offers a Score Preview option for test takers who wish to see their LSAT score before deciding whether to keep it and have it reported to law schools or, alternatively, cancel the score. 

Test takers who purchase the Score Preview option will receive their scores at the same time as other test takers (assuming they have completed their LSAT Writing and have no holds on their accounts) and will have six (6) calendar days to decide if they want to cancel or keep their score. If no action is taken by the end of the six-day period, their scores will be added to their LSAC account and released to law schools to which they have applied.

Is LSAT Writing mandatory? How do law schools use it for admission decisions?

All law school candidates must complete LSAT Writing® one time. If you have already taken the LSAT and completed LSAT Writing, you do not need to submit another writing sample.

Although LSAT Writing samples don’t receive a score, they are considered by law school admission committees when reviewing individuals’ applications. Each law school uses LSAT Writing in its own way. However, most law schools view LSAT Writing samples as an integral part of their admission decisions.

Please visit our website for more information about LSAT Writing.

How can I find the closest Prometric test center?

A preliminary list of test centers is available to test takers through their online account. The definitive list of test centers for each administration will be available on Prometric’s website when scheduling opens for each administration.

How can I contact LSAC if I have additional questions?

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, you can contact us using our “Chat” feature by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the LSAT pages on our website, via email at, or call us at 1.800.336.3982. You can also refer to our The LSAT This Week blog for details on upcoming test deadlines, how to prepare for the test, how to avoid having your session flagged, and more.